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Quarantine before Putin’s visit, despite the presidential vaccinations

During a short trip, Putin visited the memorial site in the city of Engels in southwestern Russia, where Yuri Gagarin landed his spacecraft 60 years ago. With him was Putin, including Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. It had previously publicly expressed support for the president. Putin wandered around for a while, visiting local politicians and then laying a wreath at the Gagarin statue.

Reports of the Russian Editorial Board on the BBC via its cable channel That everyone who met Putin during the memorial service was subjected to a two-week quarantine prior to the presidential meeting. Between March 27 and April 12, all participants in the ceremony must have been at the “Niva” health center, according to the independent TV channel. Dug It is owned by state-owned gas giant Gazprom. They should be provided with single rooms, three meals a day, and medical care. The quarantine reportedly cost the Russian state about 8.5 million rubles, or about 900,000 Swedish kronor.

BBC also has a past You mentioned that the state has so far spent around 2.5 billion rubles on various pensions to house people who will meet the president and need to be quarantined. During the year of the pandemic, the president appeared in various public contexts, met people without a mask and shook hands with them. After that, the Kremlin announced that “all necessary security measures have been taken”, without specifying any of them, according to the BBC.

On March 23, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, announced that the president had “taken one of the Russian vaccines” and had not experienced any major side effects.

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