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Quiosque transfers sales from malls to hotels

Quiosque transfers sales from malls to hotels

The Quiosque brand, which provides clothing for women, decided to take an unusual move due to the restrictions in force. Since the brand’s stores in malls are not operating and hotels have closed again, the company decided to start selling in hotels. It has entered into a collaboration with the Focus Hotel chain and its newest collection will appear there, notifying

  • PBH, which sells clothing under the Quiosque brand, has reached an agreement with Immobile Capital Group – owner of Focus hotel chain.
  • Quiosque dress galleries have been set up in the hotels
  • It is located in several cities: Gdansk, Bydgoszc, Lublin, Szczecin, Lodz, Chorzov and Poznan, and the following city will soon appear in Sopot
  • The Quiosque trademark owner believes the government’s decisions about restrictions are illogical
  • After Easter, the government extended existing restrictions, including the closure of shopping centers, until at least April 18
  • More this information can be found on the homepage

According to, the Quiosque brand has over 160 stationery stores and has been in our market for nearly three decades. Currently Invites customers to showrooms created in select hotels from the Focus chain.