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Ramadan in football.  The soldiers ate at half-time after sunset

Ramadan in football. The soldiers ate at half-time after sunset

Journalist Philipp Cilieski released the record of the game on Tuesday on his social media. Video on the situation related to Ramadan, the fasting period for Muslims that began that day.

– The Kieran-Kesiorong game is very important for the promotion to Superleague. It’s Ramadan, so when the tournament started some players had several hours and a chip of water after the last meal. Within minutes of starting, the sun had set. 1st break due to injury and: … – he wrote under the record.

In the video, we see footballers sitting on the grass and eating various snacks. This video soon became a hit on the internet.

Footballers celebrating Ramadan

Many professional footballers celebrate Ramadan. On Tuesday, some people posted special posts on social media for the event. One of the contestants was Mesut Ozil.

– Ramadan is a month of blessings, forgiveness, mercy and freedom. Increase the number of good deeds during this holy month – Happy Ramadan to all – says the former German national representative on Instagram.

– Ramadan Mubarak to all around the world celebrating. I hope you will spend the most blessed time with your loved ones and enjoy this special holiday, wrote Manchester United player Paul Pogba.

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There were options in the profiles of some clubs as well. – We wish you a blessed Ramadan from all of us at Arsenal – We read under special graphic.