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Rare sight! Natalie Falk shares two photos with millionaire Frank Otto

Natalie Falk and Frank Otto celebrate a love reunion! Now the former GNTM candidate has posted a rare shot.

Hamburg – Fans don’t get to see that often! Natalie People (25) Posed in love with millionaire Frank Otto (64).

Natalie Falk (25) and Frank Otto (64) have been together again for a few weeks. © Screenshot / Instagram, mirandadigrande

At the end of March, the former “German Next Supermodel” candidate confirmed the return of love with the heir to the postal system.

After the relationship with Hells Angels rocker and killer Timur Akbulut (43 years old) ended despite the engagement and brief contact with Frankfurt businessman and investor Samuel Azarev (23 years old), the couple got back together.

However, the 25-year-old has downed her Instagram profile with a couple of pics – so far! With her 1.6 million followers, she has now shared a rare snap with Frank.

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While the model has now swapped out the look of her leather jacket and bright red lipstick from her relationship with rocker Timor for a cardigan and spunky yellow goggles, the 64-year-old sits next to her in a chic jacket and T-shirt. They both smile happily for the camera.

Apparently, the couple had a romantic date in the movie, because Natalie commented on the post with “Movie Nights.” What movie do you think they saw?

Usually, Natalie, who’s been calling herself “Miranda Degrande” on Instagram for some time, is downright sexy on her feed, sporting a hot bikini by the pool or obscenely in bed.

When it comes to her sexuality, beauty doesn’t soften her words. As she revealed in a recent Q&A, her new old boyfriend has a special ability in bed: he’s the only guy who’s ever been able to climax.

For the reason for the return of love? Reverse Bild newspaper The GNTM beauty explained the reunion with the millionaire businessman: “I noticed Frank was a man.”

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