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Russia: The United States and the Czech Republic are “enemy” countries News

Thus, Russian citizens will not be employed in US diplomatic missions.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law limiting the number of workers in foreign diplomatic missions and other agencies, and ordered the government to draw up a list of “enemy” countries that would be affected by the restrictions.

Relations between Russia and the Czech Republic deteriorated last month when the Czechs accused the Russian military of being behind an explosion in an arms depot and expelled dozens of Russian diplomats.

The relationship has been lukewarm for a long time

Russia denied these allegations and responded by expelling Czech diplomats.

The Czech Foreign Ministry says that the Russian decision is opposed by an international agreement on diplomatic missions. The ministry said, in a statement, that this measure is seen as an escalation of the conflict between the two countries.

Relations between the United States and Russia have been lukewarm for some time, following allegations of Russian interference in the US elections.

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