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Russia’s mobilization is described as chaos – testimonies spread on social media

Russia’s mobilization is described as chaos – testimonies spread on social media

Since Russia began mobilizing on September 21, recruits have begun sharing photos and videos from the recruiting offices. The soldiers partly testified to the lack of food and had to buy some equipment themselves.

Russia has a huge military budget but also a lot of corruption. Food, equipment, weapons – all this is somewhere, but the logistics are so poor that it is difficult to control. Much of the equipment is stolen or cannot be used, says Sergei Krivenko, director of the human rights organization Medburger. army. rights. ‘, to SVT.

rattle mothers

Joakim Paasikivi from Förvarshögskolan shared the photos as well.

– It’s in line with what we thought before the mobilization happened, that is, there is a problem with the equipment.

On the social media platforms VKontakte and Telegram, there are many chats where Russian mothers and wives share what they buy for the mobilized men – at their own expense.

“In the recruiting offices they said to buy big sanitary pads, tampons and medicine. There are no slippers in the city, but I found a pair of bottoms in a store. It costs 4,000 rubles, ”writes Anna in one such chat.


According to Joachim Pasekevi, most indications are that Russia faces significant challenges.

– You can’t bring the people you want, more people have escaped than can be brought and the equipment is not available. It’s so consistent from so many different places that it falls somewhere between bad and messy, he says, telling SVT Nyheter.

Could there be resources that did not arrive for various reasons?

All Russian problems, especially the problems of the Russian armed forces, were exacerbated by mobilization. Almost all corruption and everything like that, says Joachim Pacekevi, has a double function of solving problems.

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What are the consequences of the situation for Russia?

– The Ukrainian Security Service publishes conversations that give a consistent picture, and I think it is correct, that those in the front think that those who come here are posted only as cannon fodder. Pasekevi concludes that if you send them down with such a short training as they have been able to receive thus far, it is only a matter of filling in the gaps in the ranks.