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S-Crew is back with a new album, “SZR 2001”

Six years after “Linked Destinies,” the Parisian collective that includes Nekfeu, Framal, Mékra and 2zer Washington will be releasing a new album soon.

Their comeback has been announced, and it’s now official. The Parisian rap collective consisting of Nykfu, 2zer Washington, Framal and Micra will be releasing a new album, SZR 2001. The S-Crew team made it official by posting a video on Sunday in the form of a trailer on their social networks.

In just 2 hours, the video got hundreds of thousands of views and hashtag #SZR2001 Quickly climbed to the top of Twitter trends.

The group has not yet provided any details about the album’s content or its official release date. “Soon…” he said on his Twitter account.

Six years after “Linked Destinies”

This week the group had fun creating a website:, showing two countdown numbers. The first stopped on Sunday, at 10:22 p.m., to release the teaser for the album.

The meaning of the second countdown, which is set to end Monday noon, has since been revealed. This is when the album can be pre-ordered.

Almost six years after the release of their album Associated FatesSo, S-Crew will return in 2022.

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