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Salerno – Juventus 0: 2 (0: 1)

Leg. ஜுவ்போலந்து

Minimal project developed. Juventus leave Salerno with full points and a clean sheet. Dianbala and Morata – Bianconerim’s victory over the attackers.

Juventus started to attack from the start of the match and in the first minutes of a long distance shot Dipala and Kluzewski fired a shot – Argentina kicked twice very lightly, Sweden lacked a bit of accuracy. In the 21st minute, Dipala played the ball in a touchdown with Kulusevsky and gave an accurate shot in front of the penalty area, which fell into the next net of the intervening Pelek. Seven minutes later, Ciellini scored on a Quadrato free-kick, but the goal was canceled following a VAR analysis that showed Keane’s minimal offside. Before the break, Pentagon made a misguided attempt to hit from a distance, and Keane’s flat play did not reach any of his teammates – so both teams went into the break with a score of 0: 1.

The look of the game did not change after the break – Juventus had a decisive advantage in possession of the ball and developed successive actions on the level attack. However, in the 58th minute, the hosts had a great chance to equalize – Ranieri scored from a few meters. The situation gave Salernitana confidence, and Bianconeriச் left the rhythm for a few minutes, but Schெszny’s goal was not challenged. Morata and Alex Sandro replaced Kane and Bellegrini in the 66th minute. 4 minutes later the Spanish striker was delighted with the victory – Dipala Bernardechi extended the lead to the penalty area and the latter served with a tricky shot to Morata, who smashed the ball into the net a short distance away. After this shot, Robbie came on to replace Bernardicchi. In the final minutes of the match, Dipala had two scoring chances – first, he scored from outside the penalty area, then his shot was stopped from near the edge by Pelak. In the last minute of extra time, Morata, who had received a pass from Dipala, fell in the penalty area, was fouled by Geomber, and the referee pointed 11 meters. Dipala approached the standing ball and he … slipped and missed miserably. This is the last game of the tournament.

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Juventus’ game is not impressive, but the three points added to the league table are calculated. Bianconeri’s next rival is Genoa, who arrives in Turin on Sunday evening.

Salerno – Juventus 0: 2 (0: 1)
21 ′ Dipala (Kluchevsky’s aid), 70 ′ Morata (Bernardechi’s aid)

Juventus (4-2-3-1): Szczęsny – Cuadrado, de Ligt, Chiellini, Pellegrini (66 ′ Alex Sandro) – Bentancur, Locatelli – Kulusevski (90 ou Soule), Dybala, Bernardeschi (71 ′ Rabiot) – Kean (66 Morata)

Salerno (3-5-2): Belec – Veseli, Gyomber, Gagliolo – Zortea, Coulibaly, Capezzi (50 ‘Di Tacchio), Kechrida (50’ Schiavone), Ranieri (82 ‘Jaroszyński) – Bonazzoli (82’ Vergani), Simy (65 ‘Djuri)

Yellow cards: 25 ‘Gagliolo – 60’ Locatelli