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Sami is still under the tube, but little by little the oxygen is getting better

Mexico City. – comedian Sami He is still being intubated for complications COVID-19, but the oxygenation is gradually improving, according to the latest medical report.

Representative Eric de Paz noted that yesterday was a tough day because he ran on his back, but he responded well.

“Yesterday I completed 72 hours of intubation, the ventilator was at 90 (oxygenation) and he’s already at 40, he’s getting better; he’s still stable, oxygen-stable and I think it’s little hope,” he said.

“The report released last night is that he is improving slowly and that is important, he is diabetic and that complicates matters,” he added.

Tonight there will be a show for Sammy in the south of town, where the comedians will raise money to use to pay for their colleague’s hospitalization.

Sami’s nephews will be present to give the truth to the event and that everything is going according to what the promoters of the initiative have said.

“Yesterday there was controversy because many of the comedians who were announced were not aware of the event, so it was decided to leave with a statement that this is something alien to the family, but they will be present to give the truth to this activity,” stressed de Paz.

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