Samsung has announced its TVs with the AV1 codec. This data may be important, for example, from the point of view of Netflix users. This platform has just started to stream video content using the aforementioned codec.

Samsung TVs with the AV1 codec

The AV1 codec is the result of a collaboration between global brands within the Alliance for Open Media, including . Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Netflix. The standard is open and royalty-free. The codec increases compression efficiency, which basically means that a viewer can expect more stable image quality, regardless of the connection speed. According to Samsung, the AV1 will gain in importance.

AV1 codec is available on all TVs Samsung 4K and 8K from 2020 and 2021, as well as in 4K models from the lifestyle category, such as The Frame, The Serif, The Terrace, and The Sero.

Samsung TVs with AV1 codec:

2021 2020
QN900A Q950T
QN800A Q900T
QN700A Q800T
QN95A Q700T
QN91A Q95T
QN90A Q90T
QN85A Q80T
Q60A TU8500
LS03A (The Frame) TU8300
AU9000 TU8000
AU8000 TU7100
AU7100 TU7000
LS01T(Serif) LS03T (Frame)
LS05T (Sero) LS01T(Serif)
LST7 (Terrace) LS05T (Sero)
LST7 (Terrace)

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Viewers with a TV that supports the AV1 codec can watch the content higher quality Without increasing the parameters of the home Internet.

Source: press release

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