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"Sanatorium of Love 4".  We know the staying king and queen.  The end of the project is behind us

“Sanatorium of Love 4”. We know the staying king and queen. The end of the project is behind us

This year “Sanatorium of Love” is very popular. From the beginning, the participants of the fourth edition won the hearts of the audience with their energy and joy of life. It is difficult to part with them. Who is seated on the throne of the staying king and queen?

In the final chapter “Sanatorium of love“Audiences were able to watch the farewell ceremony of the participants in the fourth edition of the DVB dating show.

It started with great arrangements. Participants met with a stylist and hairdresser. Ania admitted that she has a real love story on the show. When the girls came into the room, the adults were speechless. They all looked stunning.

Norby visited the patients. This is not the end of surprises. He joined the show’s participants Andrzej Rybiński He also sang with them the hit song “Nie countę hours and years”. Everyone was so excited and touched. They then summarized how each of them relied on polonica-stroge. Many patients insisted on meeting real friends on the show.

There was also a special moment Pyotr from Biasekno He asked elder brother For one hand. Anna knelt in front of her and agreed!

Participants hope that the wedding will take place and that the twelve will meet at the ceremony.

Finally, it is time to vote. She became the queen of the fourth edition of the “Sanatorium of Love” project Sofia from Lomsa. In turn, he became king Pyotr Hubert.

It is the result of the adventures of the elders. Brother, to Natalia, SofiaMonica, Mariola from New Jersey I Mariola from Berlin And Marek, Roman, Pyotr HubertPiotr, Andrzej K. and Andrzej S. Unforgettable weeks full of emotions they spent at the health hotel in Polanica-Stroj.

They enjoyed many pleasant moments together. It’s time to go home after skiing on the ropes, feeding people from the food cart, driving a helicopter, running charity, walking on hot coals, playing paintball, sleeping in a tent, fashion review and many more. Not without tears. I have to go Marta Manovska It was so hard for everyone. Patients said they were getting closer to each other.

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