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Sarah James will perform on Junior Eurovision on Sunday. How to vote?

This year’s Junior Eurovision final will take place next Sunday, December 19, at the La Chain Musical in Paris. Sarah James, who represents Poland, is one of the favorites in the race for victory. Unlike the “big” Eurovision, the Poles can vote for their participant and support Sarah by voting in an online poll.

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Vicky Kapoor advises Sarah Ecu-James on how to beat Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision 2021. Sarah James will sing “Someone”

Voting will continue until the Grand Final – December 19. All the details can be found on the website The website allows you to vote for your favorite, see all the highlights of the show, and learn a little more about each participant. The first video of Sarah James’ rehearsal for Eurovision Junior broke the celebrity record – the video was in the top 10 on the card during YouTube and was far ahead of the video from rehearsals with performances by representatives from other countries.

teachers songs Patrick Kumor and Dominic Puskovsky, who wrote the songs “Someone I Want to Be” and “Superhero”, along with “Someone” – these singles were Roxana Vegil and Vicky Kapoor – who won Eurovision Jr. in 2018 and 2019.

– This piece is very close to my heart. Its message is beautiful in its simplicity – you are not alone – says Sarah James. – Especially nowadays, when our interactions and relationships are severely limited by the prevailing global situation, let us remember that there is always someone somewhere to help us when we need it. Just like I am not alone, knowing the support that comes to me as my family, friends, fans. I want them all to know that I am too. Thanks to them and to them, I can make my dreams come true and I am so grateful for that. Together, we can do more, no longer need to be afraid.

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