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Scarlet Nexus: 7 Einsteigertips in Action-RPG

Scarlet Nexus: 7 Einsteigertips in Action-RPG

The RPG has been around for a few days “Scarlet Nexus” Available from us in stores. In this article we give you some tips to make your adventure with Yuito and Kasane a little easier to get started.

Tip #1: Explore the game world

Before going into a little deeper detail, we’d first like to recommend that you explore the levels that are sometimes very broad. It is an integral part of your gaming experience, and it also has the beneficial benefit of being Rare items, hidden areas And also find some powerful opponents with whom you can compete. So it’s worth keeping your eyes open.

Tip #2: Do side quests regularly

What would an RPG do without it Questions? Of course, in the sci-fi world of “Scarlet Nexus” characters keep coming to you who do you a favor. Convenient, tasks available even Noted on your mini mapHelping you keep an eye on open side quests. But why should you try to get these tasks done from time to time?

Of course, Kasane and Yuito do not perform these tasks out of pure kindness, but rather receive one or the other in return. Reward. Among other things, you can get special items, weapons or powerful gifts. But be careful, some of these side quests can do that really tough FAIL!

Tip #3: Collect data and don’t sell it!

Before we get to the gifts we just mentioned, let’s first look at the dates. that’s it elementswhich you can find in the levels and which are more important than you might think at first. What the game doesn’t tell you is that you have this data In the shop (At every manual save point) Also against attachments, items and weapons can swap. However, this option is not available until about an hour later.

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Accordingly, you should not sell data sets and other items, which are divided into rare levels, in the store if they can somehow be avoided. Instead, use it to get new items or yours weapons upgrade And so he unleashed stronger versions. At this point small Additional tip: Whenever you save the game manually, your health is completely renewed.

Tip #4: Make friends with your team

Now let’s get into more detail: The central mechanism of “Scarlet Nexus” is social interaction with your teammates. You have the opportunity to talk to them gifts For delivery or private Bonding rings completion. The better your connection with your team members, the higher your chances of receiving various rewards, such as powerful attacks or special items.

Very early in the game, the option will be presented so that you can receive messages from the members of your team that you meet Read regularly Should. You are also allowed to reply to some chats, which we also like to recommend, as this also increases your connection with your AI friends. In addition, you should always refer to Where to test Back, where you can interact there with your comrades.

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Tip #5: Use plug-ins

You will quickly notice in the battles that some of your opponents’ attacks are too diverse for your character The situation changes Driving ability. Of course, this usually means one in many battles big flaw For you, they often greatly limit your mobility and can, accordingly, do a lot of damage.

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Fortunately, you can counteract these negative changes in status and here’s what’s called In-game plug-insWith who are you Kasani and Yueto besides your king ملك Equip a companion AI May. For almost every change in status, there is a suitable plug-in that reduces its effect or even makes you resist it. Always adapt your devices in the list to the discount in question.

Tip #6: Use SAS and pay attention to your timing

Now we come to some small tips for fighting in an RPG. A central mechanism is built around the SAS. This allows you to use the powers of your team members to borrow for a short time Thus strengthening your attacks, which opens up completely new tactics and options in combat. However, you can only do this for a limited time, which is why you should be careful to use it in a reasonable manner.

But timing is not only important when dealing with SAS, but also when evading (Circuit key). You should always avoid some particularly strong attacks that guarantee you a hit when you hit and leave you vulnerable to more damage. If you have The timing is perfect Is that the action slows down for a while and you can launch a powerful counterattack.

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Tip #7: Play Scarlet Nexus twice

At the beginning of your adventure, you have to choose whether you want to do it With Kasane or Yuito Discord would like. They both experience basically the same story, but from different perspectives and there are sections Exclusively for a character are reserved. This becomes especially evident when the paths of the two protagonists intersect. In order to get the full story and, accordingly, the full “Scarlet Nexus” experience, we recommend that you play through the title’s plot twice.

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These were our seven tips for beginners in the new “Scarlet Nexus” RPG. The game has been available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC since June 25, 2021.

What tips would you recommend to those new to the Scarlet Nexus?

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