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SD makes tough demands for government support

The party council obtained the National Parliament’s mandate for future government negotiations. The mandate means that if the SD is to be part of or support a bourgeois government, there must be a political agreement up front that includes the overarching political priorities, and an action plan for the concrete and clearly articulated reforms that the new government intends to implement.

If you don’t get it, party leader Jimmy Oxon has a mandate from Parliament to say no to the deals or simply leave the negotiations.

– It is an important political signal, said Party Secretary Richard Gumshov, when he made the proposal.

great effect

The party’s influence must be “in direct proportion to the party’s share of the parliamentary seats collected by the government as a whole.”

– This is quite clear, Gumshov stated.

Based on today’s opinion numbers, this means that the Democratic Party will have a much greater influence on the new government than the Christian Democrats and the Liberals, if they pass a parliamentary blockade.

On the contrary, Democratic Party leader Ebba Bush stressed that the SD should not have an effect proportional to the size of the party. The Liberals do not want to negotiate a budget with the SD at all.

Ready for perks

At the same time, the party council prepares representatives that the party must be able to make concessions and “take into account the needs of other parties.”

The party council writes that if the overall political outcome means progress in party politics, “Swedish Democrats will also need to be prepared to compromise.”

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In addition to political success in negotiations, it should also include how “the influence, roles, processes of preparation, and forms of cooperation in government offices and parliament are formally distributed” among the parties.

There was no discussion of the party council proposal at all. No speaker has registered. The National Council adopted the proposal of the Party Council.

– I was surprised that there was no discussion at all, Party Secretary Richard Gumshof tells TT.

Swedish Democrats Secretary Richard Gumshof was surprised that there was no discussion of the party’s board’s proposal on a mandate before government negotiations. Photo: Tommy Pedersen/TT