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Serial biting dolphin terrifies swimmers

Serial biting dolphin terrifies swimmers

Dolphin attacks on humans are rare but do occur from time to time.

Over the summer, Japanese authorities received warnings about a dolphin attacking six times – believed to be the same animal on all occasions.

Hostile dolphin moves around Kushino Beach near the Japanese city of Fukui.

Move: Prepare Ultrasound Transmitters

Last Thursday, two men had to seek medical attention after being bitten by a dolphin BBC It refers to the local Japanese media. One of the men was bitten in the arms.

Japanese authorities have now installed ultrasonic transmitters on the beach in the hope that the high-frequency sound will scare away all the dolphins.

According to local media, dolphins in the area have become very accustomed to humans and have been seen in very shallow waters.

Swimming enthusiasts also warned Japanese not to approach dolphins.

Humans stress dolphins

Swimming with dolphins has always been an experience high on people’s wish lists – but dolphins don’t seem to think so.

Scientists have found, through a study of bottlenose dolphins – also known as bottlenose dolphins – that it is very stressful to swim with people. Stress, in turn, causes dolphins to not rest and eat properly.

It is not clear what types of dolphins are suspected of the attacks in Japan.

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