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Several mass shootings in the US this Easter

Several mass shootings in the US this Easter

The United States had three mass shootings in two days. Mass shootings generally mean there are at least four victims.

In South Carolina, nine people were shot and five more were injured when they tried to flee the Columbiana Center on Easter Eve.

Police believe according to a local TV channel 19 . news It’s a gang dispute where one or more people start shooting each other inside the mall.

Nightclub shooting

A 22-year-old man was arrested, but released on $25,000 bail by a judge who required him to wear foot restraints and not be allowed to visit the mall or contact any of those involved. Two other people who had been detained were released.

In the same state, nine people were shot at a nightclub in Hampton County the night before Easter.

– It was scary. We were just trying to get to safety. We didn’t know where the shots came from, says witness Jesse Williams WTOC 11.

The party went off track

In the third shooting, two minors were shot and at least eight were injured at a house party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. About 200 people were at the party, which took place at an Airbnb rental.

Police Chief Scott Schubert described the scene as chaotic. In addition to the 10 people who were shot, at least two people were injured when they jumped out of a window.

– It happened so quickly. It was totally insane. Kids who ran all over the place, says George Stevens, who was outside a nearby bar, to the Associated Press.

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Several weapons were seized and empty shell casings were found at the site from several different weapons.