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Sherlyn Sanchez, winner of La Win 2021, is excited to be known

Edith Marquez You taught me to have a lot of discipline.” Globalism Sherlyn SanchezAt the age of 16, he was crowned La Voz in 2021.

“Working with Edith Marquez was great because she is a very wonderful person, and I really like her. I learned a lot of things, firstly that you always have to give your best to all people, be yourself and also have a great deal of discipline, because she is a very disciplined person. “.

young singer from Los Mochis, Sinaloa Before participating in reality television, he began to take his first steps in music by independently recording several videos, which he uploaded to his channel from YoutubeWhich currently has 962 subscribers.

“I feel very happy because all the people will know me and I hope little by little they become more and more,” he says.

In addition to Marquez, who was her coach, she explained that she also received a lot of support from her parents, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

“They are the most passionate and happy people, it is a very great happiness. They tell me to never leave something and if I love it, I really want it, and that they will always be there to support me in any way,” he says.

She also states that she knows that in the networks there will be many people who will criticize her, but she intends to handle the matter in the best possible way.

“I was talking to my dad that haters always show up but you always have to try to see the best way to deal with that and I think that’s what I’m going to do.”

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On the other hand, the translator won the “El toro relaxed” translation contest by Selena Quintanilla, anticipating that she has several projects at the door, which she hopes to share soon.

“Many things to come, I have many plans in mind, and I hope everything will be accomplished in a short time. Letting go of this reality has been a very nice thing and I think I will always try to make him feel it”, he confirms.