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Shooting in Paris – three dead and several wounded

Shooting in Paris – three dead and several wounded

French media reported that at least four people were injured, two of them seriously.

The shooting ended but the French police announced on Twitter that an operation was underway and the public were asked to stay away from the Le Grand Rex area and all the way to La porte Saint Denis.

They also confirmed that a male suspect had been arrested. According to the French newspaper Parisian To be 69 years old.

“There has been a shooting. Thank you to the security forces for their quick response. Our thoughts go to those affected and those who witnessed the dramatic event,” wrote Paris deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire on Twitter.

An event at the Kurdish Cultural Center

A witness said seven to eight bullets were fired outside in the street, according to TT.

– We saw people running left and right. Five to six minutes later, they entered a hairdressing salon, said a witness who spoke to French broadcaster BFM TV.

The witness must have also entered the saloon and found three injured people and then called the police and an ambulance.

The street where the shooting took place is located in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital. According to Reuters, the mayor of the region, Alexandra Cordibard, confirmed that the shooting took place in a Kurdish cultural center, a restaurant opposite the center, and a hairdressing salon.

already known by the authorities

The man was previously known to police and had, among other things, been arrested once for attacking immigrants living in tents, said Attorney General Lori Picao. She also says they should investigate whether today’s attack was racially motivated.

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At least two people were killed and several others injured Friday in a shooting in Paris. picture: Photo: Teresa Suarez