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Someone found a secret that Windows 1.0 has been hiding 37 years ago

Photo of Bill Gates smiling while working on a laptop.

Photo: Jeff Christensen / Call (Obrazy Getty)

Nearly four decades later, a brave digital archaeologist has discovered an ancient secret buried deep within Windows 1.0. It’s simple Easter eggBut it may not have been found at that time.

How did you notice that computer gamesLucas Brooks is a big fan of Microsoft’s graphic operating system, Windows. Brooks was seen a lot on Twitter about various things he found in older versions of Windows, including Easter eggs. He recently discovered an unprecedented secret in Windows 1.0 RTM (RTM stands for “Production releaseYou can find the authors list, which includes the names of everyone who helped create Window 1.0, hidden in the bitmap file.

It should be noted that by hiding this already encrypted data in the bitmap file, the developers prevented anyone from discovering the secret credits. This is because, according to Brooks, the tools needed to extract the bitmap file from NE (new executable file format) after the release of Windows 1.0. And even if someone could copy the bitmap, they wouldn’t be able to detect the extra image, Encrypted data is hidden in a file.

Although Brooks was able to recreate the secret by creating a credit list in this way, they still haven’t figured out how to actually access the Easter Egg in Windows 1.0 without doing some hacking steps. Windows 1.0 is believed to contain a series of keystrokes that will open a list of secret credentials. This is how it works in all newer versions Which also contains hidden credits and similar secrets. But at the moment no one could find out.

You may recognize one of the names in the newly discovered loans. Co-founder and President of Valve, Gabe Newell It was included in the Easter egg, and that’s because… he was working there. He left Microsoft in 1996 with Mike Harrington to create Valve and begin work on their first game. half life. I wonder how it all went…

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