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Sorry for the "Down Syndrome car".  Provincial fans were even more shocked - Super Express

Sorry for the “Down Syndrome car”. Provincial fans were even more shocked – Super Express

Author: AKBA
Kuba Wozniacki and Agatha Kulesa

Nuance Radio apologizes for the words spoken during the interview with Guo Wojciech: WOJEWÓDZKI & KĘDZIERSKI broadcast. The guest actress of the episode is Agatha Kulessa. During the conversation, there was a sentence about “a car with Down syndrome”. Fans of the journalist could not believe what they heard. Apologies didn’t do much. Internet users are still shocked and do not recognize the sadness of radio. Check this out!

Kuba Wozniacki is speaking on the radio in New Nyanga, in addition to the TVN show. With him Piotr Kędzierski. Humans call their studios strong names. Among their guests were others: Anna Timna, Stanislaw Celiaska, Janusz Banasevich, Andrzej Piazczyk and Adam Mishnik. Conversation with Agatha Kulesa caused a scandal. At one point journalists asked the actress about the car models she had in the past, replacing Gulesa Gangu and Subaru. – But shouldn’t you be ashamed of that Congolese perspective? Gadziersky asked. – Jesus, do you really think this is what defines me? Gulesa replied.

This is a car with Down Syndrome, yes – Kuba Vozhevatsky said, to which Gadziersky responded with a laugh.

Vozhevatsky compares Tatla to a drunkard. The journalist responds to him!

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Above set: Kuba Wojciech Watson drove the Opel Calibra. He was ashamed of this car

Radio News apologizes for words about “Downs Syndrome”

An apology was posted on New Age Radio’s Instagram:

In the last broadcast, interviews: WOJEWÓDZKI & KĘDZIERSKI, during an interview with Agatha Culesa, made a comparison that should never happen on Sorry, because we know you have the right to hurt. (…) The nature of the show, the multi-threaded conversation, we regret that the presenters took their jokes one step further at this time. We decided to delete this part of the conversation. We do not want this to be included in podcasts and affect the entire content of the interview with Agatha Kulesa. This was decided by the editorial office of

The reaction of provincial broadcast fans to this apology was not ideal. A lot of people are skeptical that the creators really regret their words:

– Sorry, because some of you may have been offended?

“Don’t apologize” because it might hurt someone “when it reaches people in this homosexual, racist, backward, bad country?”

-60-year-old Jacob no longer understands what he is saying, does this justify him?

– Is the province impunity for understanding?


Do you admire Kuba Vozhevatsky as a journalist?