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Sources: Trump’s team did not cooperate – hence the research

Sources: Trump’s team did not cooperate – hence the research

There is still uncertainty about the cause of the attack on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach, Florida. Neither the FBI nor the US Department of Justice has yet to comment on the incident.

According to information provided to The Washington Post, the campaign was linked to an ongoing investigation into possible improper handling of classified documents.

confidential documents

The investigation is said to be about whether the former president took documents from the White House to his golf club, rather than sending them to the National Archives, when he left the presidency.

In this case, it can constitute a violation of the law that states that all documents that can be linked to the chief’s official obligations must be preserved and archived.

Already in January of this year, Trump had to return 15 boxes of documents to the National Archives.

Now, sources have told Fox News that representatives from the Department of Justice held a meeting with Trump’s attorneys in Mar-a-Lago in June of this year to discuss additional documents required.

Cooperation difficulties

However, communications are said to have become more difficult after the meeting. A source familiar with the negotiations between the Trump team and federal authorities said that the Department of Justice and the FBI felt they were no longer willing to cooperate as they had been in the investigation.

According to the source, this is the reason why a search warrant was requested and executed once and for all, Fox News reports.

miserable video

Just hours after the crackdown, Donald Trump posted a video similar to a miserable crackdown on the Truth Social called “A Nation in Decay,” in which the United States is described as a collapsing country.

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The campaign has also generated a lot of support for Trump from supporters who see the authorities’ actions as politically motivated.

US SVT reporter Stefan Osberg believes that the incident may now affect Trump’s possible participation in the upcoming presidential election.

I think that the support that Trump is getting now makes him more eager to run in this election and that the decision will be made even before the midterm elections.