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Spirits Bridge - Review

Spirits Bridge – Review

Studio Ember Lab decided to prove that players don’t need solid AAA titles to participate in endless hours of fun. When the first preview of the game hit the net Qena: The Bridge of Souls It was hard not to be surprised. The amazing animation, reminiscent of the production of the DreamWorks studio, and the captivating atmosphere attracted the attention of millions.

After nearly a year of slippage caused by the ongoing Coroanvirus pandemic, the adventures of brave Kena have finally appeared on PC and consoles. Come with us on this extraordinary adventure.

Qena: The Bridge of Souls It is an action and adventure game in which the player takes on the role of the title character. Kenna is a young goalkeeper with a very difficult task. Our main task is to discover why the forces of darkness have taken control of the spring of the forest. In the meantime, we’re trying to help the orcs called Rot. Or maybe they are trying to help us?

Kena experiences many amazing adventures, decorated with captivating graphics and great music.

The main part of the game is arcade elements and many battles with dark creatures. Gameplay and game graphics Qena: The Bridge of Souls Reminiscent of the series Ori and the Blind Forest. I’m a huge fan of the platform game from Moon Studios, so such a comparison immediately popped into my head. Like Ori, Kena also experiences many amazing adventures, enriched with attractive graphics and great music. There are also many important characters on our way, who can contribute not only to the course of events, but also to expand Kena’s large arsenal of skills.

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I honestly admit that after the trailers themselves, I was expecting it Qena: The Bridge of Souls It will be an indulgent platform game that players will use to get away from the everyday gray. However, it soon turned out that the title was very demanding, at least at the medium difficulty level. Although the combat system is initially quite weak, Kena – like Ori – gains additional abilities that we can develop as we see fit. During our adventures, we collect special energy points, which we can then distribute in the skill tree.

The onset of hand-to-hand combat seemed unexpected, and the gaming fun only began when Kena got her bow. I won’t reveal any additional details, but I will say there is a lot more to be done in this production.

The trailers promised a colorful production and that’s what we got. Although the scenes look really amazing, I got the impression that the graphics dropped slightly while playing. Don’t get me wrong, Kena’s adventures look great, especially when there are colorful special effects on the screen, but the surroundings and character models leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, lighting objects (and shadows) and mold look good. It is always something.

Captivating atmosphere, play on feelings and simply have fun.

The story is unfortunately not very touching. Once again, let me compare this production to the series Ori and the Blind ForestBecause this is the easiest way. As in the case of Ori’s adventures, the story of Qena also does not bring you to your knees. However, the point of this title is not in plot twists. A truly captivating atmosphere awaits you here, playing on emotions and simply having fun. If you take something more out of this story, this is for you.

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Qena: The Bridge of Spirits was delayed until the first quarter of 2021

During the game, which lasted less than 15 hours, I had a lot of fun. I will even say that I got exactly what I expected from this title. Qena: The Bridge of Souls It is a production that will take you on an amazing journey full of action and fun.

Finally, I will also mention the Rot sprites, which play a very important role during the game. While traveling through the dense forest, Ken will encounter new companions. The more of them we collect, the higher the spirit level they reach, and therefore they will gain new powers that are useful to our heroine during the fight. In our free time, we can sit on the green grass and play with our comrades!

Qena: The Bridge of Souls It is definitely one of the most exciting and interesting games of the year.

The colorful world, engaging story and engaging arcade elements are the features that can best describe the work of Ember Lab Studio. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a title that every adventure production fan should have access to, especially people who appreciate Ori and the Blind Forest.