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68. ORLEN Memoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego to wyjątkowe lekkoatletyczne wydarzenie, które na start przyciągnie mnóstwo gwiazd, w tym medalistów olimpijskich z Tokio i rekordzistów. Organizatorzy przygotowali także mnóstwo atrakcji towarzyszących. "Musicie niedzielę spędzić na Stadionie Śląskim. Obiecuję, że zrobimy show" - zaprasza Paweł Fajdek.

Sports celebration at Silesian Stadium. The stars of the 68th ORLEN Memory of Janus Kuzowski are waiting

The 68th ORLEN Memorial of Janus Kuzowski is a unique athletic event that will attract many stars, including Olympic medalists and record holders from Tokyo. The organizers have prepared many attractive places. “You have to spend your Sunday at the Silesian Stadium. I promise we will have a show” – calls Paweł Fajdek.

68. The ORLEN Memorial of Janusz Kuzczynski, the oldest Polish athletic body, has been included in the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold Series from this season. In all competitions, we see world-class fights. Polish fans are definitely looking forward to the hammer throwing competitions in which we will see four Polish Olympic medalists.

“Of course, our big stars will perform, namely Anita Vodersik, Malvina Cobron, Vojtek Novikki and Paves Faztech, and this is guaranteed to happen a lot,” says Sebastian Zmara, vice president and director of the Polish Athletic Association. Competition. “We are delighted to see the Olympic gold medalists at the Silesian Stadium because it is a dream come true for us. We make it a reality due to the strong support of our partners and I would like to thank them for their support in our efforts to bring in some of the world’s leading athletes. Stadium.Silesia It’s a perfect complement, a place where we can welcome Polish and world’s athletic stars, “he assures, adding:” I’m looking forward to the start at the Silesian Stadium.

“Kotła Czarownic” always has a great atmosphere, and our fights with Wojtek Nowicki electrify the best Silesian audience. This method will not be different. The highlight of the competition will be the game of Olympic champion David Tomala, who wants to hit a world record in the 1 mile walk.

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“A lot happens in every match” – notes Smara. “We want to be innovative, so the Olympic gold medalist is trying to break the world record in a mile walk” – says David Domla: I’ll dream of a world record, or break it, from 2017, when it was set by Tom Bosworth. I firmly believe you can beat him.

A lot can be expected from the performance of Pia Skrysovska, who set a life record in the 100m hurdles at Astrova – 12.65 a few days ago. This is the fourth result in the history of Polish athletics and the best result since the 1980s. Pia faces Olympic champion Jasmine-Quinn in the 100m hurdles at Silesian Stadium.

Eva Svoboda, who is a double inspiration in this year’s competition, is also going to run fast. “I’m not very happy with the 67th ORLEN monument to Janus Kuzowski last year. I suffered an injury. Fortunately, I do not remember it anymore, I can not wait until Sunday. I hope to run fast and cheer up the fans,” says Eva Svoboda.

The match of Polish record holder Piotr Lisk in the pole vault match will also be interesting. At Chorzów, he will face celebrities such as Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie or runner-up over 6m with Tokyo’s Christopher Nilsson.

Let’s see how Joe Kovacs (two-time Olympic runner-up) and Tom Walsh (two-time Olympic bronze medalist) perform in a shot put competition at Silesian Stadium against Poland – Conrad Bukovici and Michael Hardick. Natalia Kozmarek, who scored 50.16 (personal achievement) during the meeting in Ostrava – this is the best result in Europe this season and the best result for the Polish woman since 1977, illuminating the attitude on the treadmill. Only Irina Szeviska, the legendary athlete in the history of Polish athletics, ran fast. Kaczmarek competes with others Justina Sweety-Ersetik and American star Allison Felix. The multi-Olympic and world champion wants to end his career this season and show his best side at the Silesian Stadium. The American had already tested on the treadmill at the National Athletic Stadium during training on Thursday.

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“I can go on and on because we have world-class players in every tournament,” Samara notes. “It will be interesting to see the start of Carol Salevsky, Kazetan Dussiski and Angelica Chichoka, and the return of Sofia Ennoy, who ran the 800 meters twenty months later.

68. The ORLEN Memorial of Janus Kuznowski is one of the twelve world conventions included in the Continental Tour Gold Series. The event will start at Silesian Stadium on June 5 at 14.45. Admission for fans is free, and on Children’s Day the organizers will fully prepare the tour for the younger ones. In addition, the activities of the program to popularize the queen of sports – athletics for all is planned.