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Spotify has launched a tool to measure compatibility between friends

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The world’s most used music platform Spotify, has officially launched its tool called Fusion, which will be able to create new playlists in a common way that integrates the musical tastes of two friends. You will be able to measure their degree of compatibility and conformity.

Spotify integration It is a function through which the Service intends for its users to discover their musical compatibility with their friends by creating a common playlist with themes suggested by each one of them’s tastes.

Spotify already announced Fusion (known as Blend in English) in June, and has since been testing the new feature in beta, but it’s now officially available.

Fusion introduces a new cover design, matching tastes and exchangeable unique data for each pair of friends, the platform announced in a statement.

Among the main features and novelties From this new job coincidence of tastesAs users who created Fusion List will now get a taste matching result when listening to music and content.

Users will also be able to find out which specific song unites them the most, With stories that can be shared on social networks, as well as a new Fusion cover that allows users to easily identify each file playlists.

In addition, users of the premium version of the platform will be able to see the user’s listening preferences that contributed to the selection of each song in the playlist.

During the first quarter of 2021, Spotify saw a 24 percent increase in unique users per month More than the same period last year, which translates to 365 million subscribers, 22 percent of whom are in Latin America.

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