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Stanislaw Zuid: thanks to the tax changes, pensioners will receive PLN 2,250 per year in their pockets

In accordance with the tax changes provided for by the Polish LADA, from January 2022, the tax-exempt amount in income tax will increase to PLN 30,000. zloty. This means that pensioners and pensioners will pay tax only on the amount exceeding 2.5 thousand PLN. Total PLN per month.

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy estimates that 90 percent will benefit from this solution. Pensioners and pensioners with disabilities – more than 8 million people.

Deputy Minister Zuid indicated that an additional 2,250 PLN would remain in the pensioners’ pockets during the year.

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We estimate that 90 percent will benefit from these changes. retired. He stressed that with that, we will be able to provide a detailed analysis next year.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy announced that next year we can expect changes in the pension system and a solution to the problem of the so-called penny pensions.

We prepare appropriate solutions. We hold regular negotiations with the Social Dialogue Council team. Such a concept is prepared. We want to establish the minimum retirement age at which a pension is entitled. He informed the Deputy Minister, and this is where the consultations take place at what level we will determine.


The changes resulting from the Polish system do not only apply to the elderly. The tax will also not be paid by other taxpayers who impose taxes on income according to the tax scale, whose annual income will not exceed 30,000 PLN. PLN, such as employees, contractors, and people receiving privately funded scholarships.

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A person receiving tax-exempt income will not be required to file a tax return. However, the return may be filed with the spouse receiving taxable income (in excess of the tax-exempt amount). A joint tax return will reduce the amount of tax due.

The average pension paid by ZUS in March of this year (after the indicator) amounted to a total of 2544.54 PLN. However, its amount varies greatly depending on gender – the average maturity for men is 184.20 PLN, and for women – 2127.81 PLN.


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