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STOP EVERYTHING: Facebook will enable group chats between Messenger and Instagram

This is what group chats created with this new union between Messenger and Instagram will look like. Photo: Messenger

In 2020, Facebook decided to revolutionize an almost unprecedented revolution in the history of social networks by combining chats between two of its sister apps: Messenger and Instagram. “We wanted to bring the magic of Messenger to Instagram so you can have the best messaging experience possible!”Said Satish Kumar Srinivasan, Director of Product Management at Messenger.

This update came within the framework of Facebook’s intention to make it easier for people to communicate without having to think about the application they are in when they want to send a message, It has already been accepted by more than 70% of Instagram users who are considered eligible for this “union”.

Reflecting on the success of group chats between these two apps, the internet giant has decided to add a new tool to this functionality that focuses on The ability to create group chats between both social networks.

With this update, people will be able to start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts. Within these group chats between applications You can continue to customize your chatting experience with personalized chat themes and reactionsSrinivasan noted in a blog post.

On the other hand, although this update may seem effective in the quick processing and organization of messages within the same device, the truth for the Facebook admin is that while the improvement is important, Keeping your privacy and security safe is a critical issue every time a company launches a new feature.

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“You will continue to have the same controls over who can contact you. With delivery controls, you can decide who gets to your chat list, who goes to your message request folder, and who can’t message or call you. We love adding fun new features, but our number one priority is keeping security and privacy a priority.‘, the document adds.

Finally, Srinivasan reported the incorporation of “group typing indicators” with which a user can tell when a person is writing within a group. This option will work as in individual chats, Only in this case, next to the three floating points, the image of each person typing at the same time in the conversation will be displayed.

Group writing indicators.  Photo: messenger.
Group writing indicators. Photo: messenger.

However, group chats between apps weren’t the only novelty with which Facebook surprised its users. Think about the importance of personalization, The company has also implemented a new series of chat topics (Money within conversations) that can be used on both Messenger and Instagram.

One such theme is directly related to J Balvin, the reggaeton singer who has just released his latest album. To help J Balvin fans celebrate the release of his new album, We launched a dreamy chat topic inspired by its cover. Now fans can remember their favorite songs from the album while adding flair to their conversations,” says Srinivasan.

Finally, an option has also been included to be able to watch content shared by multiple people on Instagram, such as Watch Together, a function where anyone can watch Facebook videos with their family or friends in real time without having to share the video. Same geographic location.

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To make it easier to connect with your friends, you can now view your favorite content directly from your Instagram feed with your friends. Just start a video chat within Instagram, scroll to the post you want to share, tap the Share button and Watch Together!‘, ends Facebook information.

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