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Subway scam?  No tuna DNA in a tuna sandwich - Overseas News

Subway scam? No tuna DNA in a tuna sandwich – Overseas News

If it says tuna, is there tuna too? Think …

According to a media report, there is not a little tuna on tuna sandwiches from fast food chain Subway!

At least that’s what they say “The New York Times”: Accordingly, a reporter bought 1.5 meters of tuna sandwiches (five to ten pieces) from various Subway stores in the USA and sent them to the laboratory for examination.

Researchers’ findings: terrifying. Because: They couldn’t find any tuna DNA in any sandwich.

“There are actually only two options,” says the lab that examined the various sandwich samples. “First of all, the sandwich cover can be so heavily processed that it can no longer be determined what it is. Or it has never had tuna.”

The reason for the report in The New York Times is a lawsuit filed by two Subway guests earlier this year. The two had ordered tuna sandwiches at a fast-food chain and were of the opinion that the sandwiches were “completely free of tuna as an ingredient.” A Subway spokeswoman denied this and accused the plaintiffs of damaging the company’s reputation.

The dispute has received a lot of attention, especially in the USA: Subway has about 40 thousand branches worldwide, more than half of them in the United States.

However, the TV station did too “Inner Edition” In February 2021, samples were sent from various subway stores for analysis. At this time, the proportions of tuna were found in all samples in the laboratory.

And: Experts suspect — even if the claims are true — that Subways is wrong. For example, Dave Rudy, head of fishmonger Catalina Offshore Products, told The Times: “I don’t think a sandwich shop would knowingly sell the wrong products. You buy tuna in a can that also says ‘tuna’. If there’s fraud, it’s the suppliers’ fault.” .

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