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Sunday non-commercial.  Is September 5th a commercial Sunday?

Sunday non-commercial. Is September 5th a commercial Sunday?

Aside from everything else, we must also remember that trade restrictions are still in force throughout Poland, also on Sundays. When shopping, there is a sanitary regime – masks, distance, hand disinfection, the number of people who can stay in a particular store.

Shops and shopping centers are closed on September 5, only places except for the trade ban are open, That is, for example, gas stations or chain stores that act as post offices, or the owner (for example, a chain of Żabka stores) is behind the counter.

But be careful! Ladybugwhich recently opened its stores widely on Sunday as part of Postal Service tests, It also has many of its branches open.

From Sunday, September 5, some stores of the Kaufland and Lidl chains will also be open on non-commercial Sundays. Kaufland posted a list of stores on its website. You can check which Lidl store is open on non-commercial Sundays in the search engine on the network website.

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