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Sweden was invited as a member of the NATO Summit

Sweden was invited as a member of the NATO Summit

The Prime Minister said after the meeting that it was three days that were important for Sweden’s security, but that it started with a few words about Ukraine.

We must not forget the Ukrainian people who continue to fight not only for their country but also for the fundamental right to self-determination. Therefore, we must continue to support the defense of Ukraine, said the Prime Minister.

She said the government had decided to send weapons and additional materials worth 500 million Swedish kronor to Ukraine. Request support from Ukraine – including demining equipment and anti-tank weapons.

Press Release: Additional Military Support to Ukraine

The communication protocol is scheduled to be signed next Tuesday

The prime minister said the meeting in Madrid was a milestone, not just for Sweden and Finland – but for the entire NATO, and that Sweden and Finland’s support was “almost deafening”.

The plan is for the communication protocols to be signed next Tuesday. I’m sending Foreign Secretary Lindh to Brussels. Then we will be able to participate as observers in principle fully. Technical talks with NATO are scheduled for next week. The accession protocol will then be adopted by 30 parliaments* and the Swedish parliament will approve the accession. A lot can happen along the way.

– The Prime Minister concluded that Sweden will be safer in NATO – and NATO will be safer with Sweden’s accession.

* The certification process varies from country to country. In the UK, for example, formal Parliament approval is not required.

More about the ratification process on the NATO website (English)

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