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Sylvia Paskill presented a booth for the “MasterChef Celebrity” live event

Sylvia Pasquale made a spoiler for Masterchef Celebrity (Video: Instagram/@ventaneando)

Stephanie Salas will be one of the participants in Master Chef Cleverity Mexico, a program that started recordings a few days ago. Although not much is known about the show since then No episodes have aired yet. Silvia Pasquale was given by mistake preview While talking about his daughter’s performance during the competition.

During an interview in which Pasquale and his sister Rossio Bankwilles promoted sweating kickoff scented roseThe artist was asked about her daughter’s participation in the world’s most important reality cooking show in its celebrity version.

Although the actress didn’t plan to talk more about the competition, she just wanted to show how proud she is of Stephanie Salas for her performance in chefAnd the Provide a live spoiler about the show’s progress.

Sylvia Pascal apologized and asked that her comment be forgotten (Image: screenshot)

“Look how happy my daughter is, she is very happy. He told me: “Mom, I’ve already won the challenge twice”Said Paskill referring to Salas. At that moment, the presenters tell her he was making a spoiler and she is surprised, He apologized and asked the audience to forget what he said.

The actress also shared that Stephanie is very excited about this new challenge, as she cooking enthusiast She loves to take different courses in the culinary world to improve her skills more and more, so she is ready to win the reality show.

“Stephanie has always loved to cook. He went to Barcelona to take a cooking course there, later He was taking several courses Now she’s going with Mary Buzz to help her make the cake because she’s not very strong,” said Sylvia.

Stephanie has previously prepared herself with several cooking courses (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)
Stephanie has previously prepared herself with several cooking courses (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)

Bankwells confirmed that he gained weight during the pandemic, because while in their family confinement his niece had been giving them different things to eat so they could try a new recipe since she was preparing for a competition.

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In addition to Stephanie, it has been announced that among the participants will also be: Alicia Machado, Jorge Aravena, Patricia Navidad, David Salomon, William Valdes, Tony Ballardi, Germain Montero, Laura Zapata, Jose Joel, Javi Vazquez, Daniela Alexis’ La Pepchita, Aida Cuevas, Dali, Mauricio Islas, Laura “Floresco, Jimena” Perez, Aristo Cazares and Francesco “Paco Chacon”.

Masterchef Mexico It will not be hosted by Annette Michele again since she decided to leave TV Azteca, who joined as the presenter of this broadcast is Rebecca de AlbaWho announced his official return to Mexican television with emotion.

There will be 20 contestants in the MasterChef Celebrity México, 10 men and 10 women (Photos:
There will be 20 contestants in the MasterChef Celebrity México, 10 men and 10 women (Photos:

“it’s a It’s my official comeback And a hundred to Mexican broadcasts and TV because I didn’t do a show every week, We’ll be like nine weeks a fullbutt with MasterChef CelebritySaid de Alba in an interview with sweating.

He also gave a small preview of what fans can expect for this new season. “Here Kitchens are going to explode. There is everything, the artist in general is very temperamental, each one has a personality that I can’t reveal by name, but Everyone has such a diverse personalityEveryone knows how to cook or at least has an important foundation, and that’s what it is: the passion, the challenge, the fact that the audience loves this program so much “

Through the official account of realityThe jury members have also been announced, who will actually be the same from last season of Masterchef Mexico: Chef Herrera, Chef Petit and Chef Jose Ramon, but this time Chef Fernando Stoffel, although it was not stated whether their participation would be episodic, as in the previous broadcast, or would remain throughout the competition.

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