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T-Mobile will launch 120 new 5G stations per week to quickly increase range

T-Mobile will launch 120 new 5G stations per week to quickly increase range

T-Mobile has started a new project in which the operator has been working intensively in recent weeks. Magent wants to launch 120 new 5G stations per week to rapidly increase 5G coverage.

T-Mobile just announced that it will be ستكون 120 new 5G stations launched per weekTo increase the range quickly. The operator wants their 5G network to be The largest in Poland.

When everyone goes on vacation, we switch up a level. We have started the project that we have been working on in recent weeks, which means 120 new 5G stations per week, so that you can use the largest 5G network in Poland

– The operator announces on Twitter.

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T-Mobile customers should have the best quality and the best connectivity – that’s the motto that guides our activities today and always will be. We believe that in 2021 and beyond, the dynamic evolution of the 5G network will enable our customers to stay connected with friends and families, but also to advance their business, entertainment, access to information, and access to education and healthcare. Today we have taken another step on this journey. We announced the next stage in our network development: a plan to launch more than 120 5G base stations per week starting in the beginning of July.

Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Poland, wrote on LinkedIn.

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T-Mobile He did not provide exact details project, we are waiting for additional information from the operator.

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Image source: T-Mobile

Text source: T-Mobile