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Take off with the Hayabusa engine.  Even you can drive it if you have a PlayStation

Take off with the Hayabusa engine. Even you can drive it if you have a PlayStation

It looks like a fast without a roof, but it hides under it a sudden engine. Virtual of course, as it only exists in the digital world of Gran Turismo 7. If you are a fan of this title, you must like the Suzuki Concept.

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Mostly because it looks great. The fast forehead is attached here to a fully open body. Not only is the roof missing, but even the A-pillars are missing and the mirrors have been replaced with air cams.

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Behind the head of the driver and passenger there is a place for a protective head strap and a “fin”, which is supposed to improve stability on straight lines. It is not difficult to notice that the design is very simple, and it is more noticeable in the interior. You won’t find anything there except the buttons for determining the direction of travel, a small HUD display, a yoke and screens that replace the mirrors.

However, the most important thing is what is under the default mask. It’s a 1.3 cylinder gasoline engine from a Hayabusa motorcycle, aided by three electric motors. The total power of the group is 432 KM. The maximum torque is 610 Nm and is transmitted to all four wheels, the total weight of which is 970 kg, which more than guarantees good performance.

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Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Concept

If you want to know, turn on your console as soon as possible and Download the latest update. The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Concept is part of the included free package.

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