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Tania Rincon had to undergo a matrix extraction: “Excessive bleeding is not normal”

Tania Rincon preferred to remove the matrix to avoid future complications (Image: Instagram / @tanirin)

Recently Tania Rincon surprised her followers on Instagram by sharing the details of her latest surgeries. This is the driver Hui I entered the operating room in the last few days to perform the operation to remove the uterus, after some problems appeared during the menstrual period, in addition to To a fibroid the presenter had Some time ago.

It was in a post on his account where Rincon wrote: “I will tell you that on Friday (May 13) they paid me, I had a hysterectomy (that is, they removed my uterus). It already came with Levi’s worm themes, so it was the best,” he started communicating at the bottom of the photo where he appears smiling in a forum Hui.

Tania recommended her followers to be vigilant about their health and to seek medical advice in case of any abnormalities in their lifespan: “From my experience I can share with you that when you have very heavy bleeding, We understand that this is not normal and we should go to the doctor‘, the former host of . has been added Azteca TV.

Tania Rincon and Danielle Perez are parents of two children, and they will have no more children (Image: Instagram)
Tania Rincon and Danielle Perez are parents of two children, and they will have no more children (Image: Instagram)

Tania and her partner Danielle Perez have already decided not to look for more children after Amelia and Patricio, the two they already have. The decision to undergo surgery and to “give up” the idea that she would never be able to be a mother again Biologically speaking, it kept the driver in conflict, who eventually decided that removing the matrix was the best thing for her health.

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Danny and I had already decided not to have any more children, but it was still difficult for me to make the decision to have the surgery, I find it hard to stop. But hey, here I am taking things calmly and with a lot of gratitude,” the 35-year-old wrote.

Then she gave a special thank you to her husband, because he was with her throughout the process, which made it even more bearable: “Thank you for getting a good and timely diagnosis. Thank you because I have a stubborn husband at the foot of the valley with me And that he never sleeps in the hospital when he takes care of me. I love you Daniel, you are the best nurse.

Tania Rincon has been part of the Hoy drivers' team since October 2021 (IG: tanirin)
Tania Rincon has been part of the Hoy drivers’ team since October 2021 (IG: tanirin)

At the end of her letter, Tania thanked her loved ones for being with her at the procedure: “Thank you to my parents for helping me treat Patricio and Amelia. Pamper me and take care of me. Thank you for all my friends who visit, laugh, flowers, letters and shells; They made this easier for me. I adore you. Thank you life, for these necessary breaks‘, a group of programs such as Mexico’s Warriors.

A few months ago, Tanya celebrated her birthday with a crowd of friends and family and shared with her followers the details of the event. It was through Instagram that the original Michoacan highlight his celebration. Tania revealed, through a series of photos, about her guests since it was a small meeting. It highlighted the presence of Cynthia Rodriguezpart of joy come, y Maria Fernanda Queiroz.

Tania Rincon had to say goodbye to the idea of ​​becoming a mother again (taniarin)
Tania Rincon had to say goodbye to the idea of ​​becoming a mother again (taniarin)

“Between flowers, laughter, love, cake, food, sweets and a lot of happiness, I celebrate my birthday”Highlights of Rincon. The star relaxed her day in a loose-fitting gray shirt that contrasted with her red skirt.

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The party venue adored the pastel-colored details. “35 and awesome”, in an ornament next to his name. It also had flowers, bowls, and more shades of pale pink, adding a classy touch to the celebration of former driver of come joy.

This post was well received and In a few hours it exceeded 60 thousand Likes. Likewise, many celebrities have taken advantage of the space to dedicate a few words to Tanya Rincon. “We love you. Happy birthday Tanya!”Singer wrote Charles Rivera.

Jaher Ocampowho was facing an injury due to his participation in Exatlón México, also commented: “We love you, Tania. To celebrate so much more.” It also went beyond what he wrote Romanian TorresMember of the Matisse: “Happy birthday, Tan. Always good.”

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