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Tecate Bajío 2022 poster advertisement with Cardigans and The Rasmus

Tecate Bajío 2022 poster advertisement with Cardigans and The Rasmus

2022 edition of the festival Baguio Tikkat It already has a poster and a contract date at the racetrack in Leon, GuanajuatoHere we give you all the details.

Techat Baguio Artists 2022

On November 5, those who attend the Tecate Bajío Festival will be able to enjoy groups like Zoé, The Cardigans, The Rasmus, Panteón Rococo, Fobia and more.

The squad includes Aterciopillados, Pita, Prati, Chucho Rivas, Carla Morrison, Phobia, Kenya Os, Little Jesus, Los Estramoticos, Los Pricos, Maclopedia, Neptune, Pantheon Rococo, S7N, Plastilina Mush, Cardigans, Rasmus Ozo.

This 2022 edition will see the Casa Comedy tent, which will feature innate talents Alex Queiroz, Isabel Fernandez, Dent de Oro and Chises Pa la Panda on stage.

Everything is ready for the biggest festival in Baguio!

They wrote the festival on their social networks.

Ahead of the Tecate Bajío festival, Swedish group The Cardingans “inadvertently” announced that they would attend the event, one of the most anticipated of the year.

Tecate Bajio 2022 tickets

Tickets that will be part of the Tecate Bajío 2022 will be available in the Citibanamex pre-sale on July 4 and 5; Through the ticket office eticket.

The sale to the public will begin on July 6.

A general ticket for Phase 1 is $925, a Comfort Pass is $1,445, and a Plus ticket costs $2,140 (plus the eticket service fee).

Cardholders will be able to purchase their tickets for 3, 6 and 9 months without interest

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