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Thailand's first floating solar farm

Thailand’s first floating solar farm

The country’s first floating solar farm has been commissioned in northeastern Thailand. This is the first step in the planned reduction of the Asian kingdom’s dependence on fossil fuels and the expansion of its renewable energy infrastructure.

The paintings consist of a total of more than 144 thousand. floating solar panels Sirindhorn Dam has been placed on the surface of the reservoir in Ubon Ratchathani province on the border with Laos. The solar farm, launched in October, covers an area of ​​121 hectares.

According to Singaporean television CNA, The floating solar power plant produces 45 megawatts of electricity and operates on a hybrid system With a hydroelectric power plant already in operation with which it shares transmission lines. The energy obtained in this way is sent to three neighboring districts. The already existing hydroelectric power station has a capacity of 36 megawatts.

The innovative solar farm was built by a consortium that includes Bangkok-based B. Grim Power and the state-owned China Power Corporation.

More floating solar farms will be built

EGAT, the Thai electricity production regulator, describes the entire structure as the world’s largest solar hydroelectric hybrid plant. The authorities announced that v Over the next 16 years, eight floating solar farms will be built on tanks across the country. In April, Reuters quoted the head of the construction department, who said that after implementing this plan, hybrid power plants will reach approximate capacity. MW.

According to CNA, the energy sector is responsible for about three-quarters of the carbon dioxide produced in Thailand. For decades, the country relied on natural gas for energy. About 20 percent. Electricity is generated there in Coal power plants.

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