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that more than 90 percent of Twitter users can be bots; Really in a lot of hate and stupidity – freedom on parole

Social networks, especially Twitter, have become a tool of hate. Politicians, especially government officials, who can use the budget to buy robots, and wage smear campaigns against their enemies. These campaigns are often successful thanks to bots. According to an online dictionary, “A bot is a computer program that automatically performs repetitive tasks over the Internet through a series of commands or pre-existing independent functions assigned to a specific role; Which has the ability to react and change state in response to a stimulus“.

Elon Musk who has a proposal to buy the social network, He stated that it is very likely that the number of users on Twitter is just a fantasy. Musk demanded that the company reveal the true number of bots on the social network.

Twitter lawyers just called to complain that they’ve violated a non-disclosure agreement by revealing that their verification bot sample size is 100!“, announced the richest man in the world, who also indicated that it is very likely that the number of robots will be”To be more than 90% of daily active users“. This should be checked of course, however, as the statement caused an uproar among contributors on Twitter.

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