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The alarm calls from the zoo came from an unexpected direction

The alarm calls from the zoo came from an unexpected direction

I started with an emergency call for the equivalent of 112 on Saturday.

“When it was quickly canceled, our operators called the number and texted but got no response,” San Luis Obispo police wrote.

The call was traced to a zoo near Paso Robles and officers were sent to investigate what they believed to be an animal or animal escape.

“But no one who was there claimed to have called us,” the police wrote.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that the person who called the police was a Capuchin monkey named Route.

Zoo staff use a golf cart to get around the property and Route loves to ride with rangers.

“The road apparently picked up a mobile phone that was in the golf cart,” police wrote.

“The capuchin monkeys are wonderful”

Lisa Jackson, owner of the zoo, told the officers that capuchin monkeys are very curious and love to pick up and try things.

Capuchin monkeys are incredible, they can use tools and they are very smart. She used to see me on the phone all the time, texting and playing, which is what she tried to do too, says Lisa Jackson according to The Telegraph.

“Then it happened that the road hit the right numbers to call us,” the police wrote.

Lisa Jackson apologized to the cops for what happened, but they weren’t at all angry about Root’s accidental call.

“You can’t easily blame her for this. She was stalking someone else directly,” the police write.

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