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The Brexit solution between Ireland and Northern Ireland is approaching

The Brexit solution between Ireland and Northern Ireland is approaching

Members of Britain’s Conservative Party have been ordered to appear before parliament on Monday. It is likely to be ready to vote on a new version of the Northern Ireland Agreement.

Government sources have told the BBC the negotiations are “positive” and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says a solution is “few inches away”.

The agreement caused a government crisis

The trade agreement regulating the movement of goods between the EU country and British Northern Ireland was written after Brexit and has since become a source of growing tensions between the two countries.

The EU demands strict border controls on goods brought into the union, but when it was concerned that tighter border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland might lead to unrest and threaten the peace between the two nations, it instituted border controls between Great Britain and the island of Ireland instead.

It later caused a government crisis in Northern Ireland as the second largest party, the Democratic Unionist Party, the DUP, felt that this solution had undermined Northern Ireland’s standing in the United Kingdom.

It may be a new “Windsor Convention”.

Now it seems that the two sides are on the verge of a breakthrough to resolve the situation. Varadkar said on Saturday that a new deal is likely to be concluded in the next few days.

With the new agreement, which is said to be called the “Windsor Agreement” according to the BBC, Britain wants to divide transportation into two separate files. One for goods to Northern Ireland that do not need to be inspected. and one for goods to Ireland which are controlled.

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Much of the pressure to solve the problem comes from the Northern Irish Conservatives and Unionists. Geoffrey Donaldson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, is in no rush and said over the weekend that the important thing is to get it right, not fast.

– If this is the wrong agreement, then the distribution of power will not be restored, and then the division will deepen for posterity, says Geoffrey Donaldson, leader of the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party.