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The broadcast date has finally been revealed!

Beijing Express It returns for a brand new season, to the delight of its fans. Those thirsty for adventure and at heart of competitors are excited about this M6 program hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg. But this new season will have a very special flavor. In fact, it is a special version of the celebrity. For this occasion, the adventure was named duo shock.

It’s always a great moment when you come back Beijing Express in the TV. For the previous season, it was once again a breathtaking competition that wowed viewers. Now that celebrity nominees are accompanied by their loved ones, it’s hard to be more attractive. However, there was only one item missing for fans of the show to rejoice: the season’s airing dates.

Fortunately, they are finally known to everyone! and your magazine objection You will not miss the opportunity to share this capital information with you.

Beijing ExpressA new celebrity special adventure

The end of the last adventure was dated mid-April Beijing Express It was about to expire. A very predictable and very sad event. In fact, objection He won’t surprise you to tell you that passion is at its height when such an adventure is over. But at the same time, it was necessary to get to this decisive moment in which all the candidates and all the teams of the program worked hard. Fans of the show too can’t help but be overwhelmed by the same contradictory feelings.

Thus, since Thursday, April 19, the day of broadcasting the final match of the last season Beijing ExpressFans stamp their feet. Because, as always, the end of a season of a television adventure coincides with the beginning of a new version of that same adventure. The new component also allowed viewers not to feel too sad about the end of this adventure.

That’s why they rejoiced when Stefan Rothenberg shared some photos from a very special press conference on his Instagram account. In fact, it was the press conference for the brand new season Beijing Express ! However, in the pictures I showed my surfers, it was clear that it was a celebrity special edition! All that is lacking is that he agreed to replace “soon” with specific dates in his speech.

All the details of the upcoming broadcast of the show

Finally, the dates have finally arrived! And with him the names of the celebrities present in the program as well as the relatives who will accompany them as a couple. “Beijing Express is back with an exceptional 16th season! Six characters have decided to invite a relative to take part in an adventure that will forever define them: a multi-thousand-kilometer race in Sri Lanka!”We can read on the official Instagram account of the adventure.

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The nominees for this celebrity special edition are comedian Ines Rigg, Paralympic swimming champion Theo Corinne, former Miss France Tachel Legrain-Trapani, sports commentators Xavier Dominguez and Yoann Rio, journalist Valerie Trierweiler and finally famous influencer Just Riad. They will all be present with a loved one. Only one of them will cooperate with someone he does not know, as always.

Only then did the dates become official too, as well as the Instagram account that posted them. objection It won’t make you wait any longer because it’s coming soon! in less than a month, Beijing Express Will be back on M6 screens! Six shocking duos will participate in an extraordinary edition of the Beijing Express across Sri Lanka and for the benefit of humanitarian societies. They will live an adventure that will strengthen their bond and mark them forever! “Beijing Express Dual Shock”, starting from Wednesday, July 6 at 21.10. »can we read

Now that everything is clear, lovers Beijing Express You just have to be patient. Fortunately, July 6th will arrive soon! and adventure Beijing Express You will be able to accompany our summer with duo shock. Bets are open, who is your favourite? Who are the candidates that you hope will reach the final of this event season?