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“The Capital” November 14, 2021: In the summary tonight “Exhibitions and Exhibitions: The Great Return of Good Business”

“The Capital” for Sunday, November 14, 2021: summary and reports for the week. Tonight, Julien Courbet will meet you on M6 for the launch of a new issue of your favorite business magazine, Capital. The theme for this evening is: “Exhibitions and Exhibitions: A Great Return of Good Business”.


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“The Capital” for November 14, 2021 summary and reports for tonight

“Exhibitions and Exhibitions: A Great Return of Good Business”

This is one of the highest economic forecasts this year: fairs are back! On the other hand, millions of French are struggling to buy after months of forced saving: 142 billion euros are waiting to be spent! On the other hand, regulators and dealers were in the starting blocks, after the pause that Covid brought on their business.

Typically, 1,200 such events are held each year in France, attracting up to 23 million visitors. Huge economic share with an estimated 34.5 billion business flows generated during exhibitions and fairs. Not to mention the economic benefits in terms of accommodation, catering and transportation, which amount to nearly 6 billion euros.


In Lasay in Manchi (50), the small town of 2,000 relies heavily on its gallery. In just 3 days it receives up to 300,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors! Vendors of cars and agricultural machinery, scavengers with their tools of all kinds, local producers, but also restaurateurs hoping to save their year after months of closure. To ensure the safety of his gallery, a true show of the city, the city council will have to face expenditures that threaten the balance of its finances: elements of security that will have to be doubled this year due to health restrictions even for so many gendarmes that the municipality itself will have to finance.

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So far away from the agricultural environment, in Villepinte, in the Paris region, the world of decoration and design meets twice a year at the Maison et Objet fair. This is where merchants come to buy the decorative and furnished items that we will find in our shop windows. In front of them, nearly 1,300 exhibitors are expected this year. Young brands relying on supply to launch their businesses on the ground, artisans working as a family but also major manufacturers hoping to score up to €2m in business. Five days of intense work, during which at least one and a half billion contracts are executed twice a year in normal times. Will the record be broken this year?

Our teams also went to the La Rochelle fair in Charente-Maritime (17). They have followed the buyers and sellers of the pergola but also the hawkers happy to be able again, after a long absence, to show off their precious selling points in their own way!

What great promotions and fair prices do exhibitors boast so often? Are we really doing a good job there? What secret methods do street vendors use to resume sales?

“Exhibitions and Shows: Great Return of the Good Deals” This Sunday, November 14th from 9:05pm on M6 in the “Capital”.

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