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The city of Beziers is the new largest shareholder in ASBH

Robert Maynard announced that he had bought a majority of the Beezers Club stock.

On Tuesday morning, the Béziers City Council Chamber was the scene of an unprecedented announcement in the world of professional rugby.

Surrounded by club presidents, Jean-Michel Vidal and Michel Gage, Robert Maynard explained to new recruits and ASBH’s technical staff that the city is coming, through a Cooperative Society of Collegiate Interest (SCIC), buying 68.89% of the club’s stock, formerly owned by Passion Ovalie, for a symbolic one euro. “I am so interested in the club that I have made unique decisions in the history of professional rugby, Bézier’s first judge announces before an audience also made up of supporters. The Bézier club is so important to me and to Béziers that it was unreasonable for him to lose his professional status.”

It is inevitably an earthquake in the rugby world that, in its history, has not experienced such a situation yet. According to the mayor of Béziers, the club had to be saved from its frequent financial problems. “There are no companies in our city that have the potential to be the main sponsor of the club. Nobody here is in the position of cruiser in Montpellier. For years, the city has supported about a million euros, and I found it unnatural that a city that offers so much does not have control over the club. The two presidents, who are present A year ago, cleaned up her now-cleaned finances.”

A budget of 8 million euros

In addition, the city purchased, through SCIC, the brewery, refreshment stands and chests of Raoul Barriere Stadium. “ASBH now owns its assets”, Explains First Judge Bézier, the only speaker during the press conference. Then Robert Maynard explained that with the help of his wife, Emmanuel Ménard, MP for Herault, he invited about twenty Béziers companies, who, according to him, all agreed to help ASBH financially. “The budget will be larger than in previous years, from 7.2 to 8 million euros.”, announced. More money will be directed toward payroll to give the team the means to play the leading roles in Pro D2. If he denies interest in the sports part, Robert Maynard, who will appoint a member of his entourage loaned to the affairs of the Beziers Club, will give the same as an objective objective of future qualification for ASBH in the final stages.

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Finally, the press conference concluded on the topic of the latest penalty imposed by DNACG (3 penalty points in the ranking and €20,000 fine). The mayor of Béziers has indicated that he will personally defend the club upon appeal to the National Rugby League financial police. What we criticize for is normal, suppose- t-il. We were late but I find the penalty too harsh.” Robert Maynard, once again, concluded: “I want to tell you that the future of the club was played out in 48 hours. The club could have left Pro D2. City’s takeover of ASBH is excellent news. I hope everyone is satisfied with this announcement.”

The future will tell us whether this unique operation in France will succeed. In the meantime, one thing is for sure, that Robert Maynard is indeed the new president of AS Bézier Herault.