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Rollerdrome: OlliOlliWorld-Macher stellen neuen Shooter auf Rollschuhen vor

The creators of OlliOlliWorld present their new roller skate shooter

With “Rollerdrome,” the makers of Roll7’s “OlliOlli” presented their latest project in the current State of Play issue. It promises relentless rapid fire on roller skates, which should score with plenty of action in addition to its hilarious claim.

Roll7’s independent game developers, who have made a name for themselves in recent years with their “OlliOlli World” series, have used their existing state of play to announce a new project.

Here we are dealing with Rollerdrome, which is officially described as a fast-paced shooting game on roller skates. It takes you to the year 2030, where you participate in the bloody Rollerdrome sports game of the same name. You can combine elegant tricks with targeted use of weapons in order to achieve the final strike and survive afterwards.

With enough talent and hard work, you might even be able to win the championship.

Use your weapons wisely

In Rollerdrome, you have a variety of weapons at your disposal as you progress through the levels. Armament ranges from rifles to grenade launchers. “Take your time to discover which weapons work best for you and which are most effective against different types of enemies,” the developers at Roll7 explain.

Slow down or pause is a surefire way to shoot yourself. Chase after the adrenaline rush and always keep your pace – you have to keep moving and find your way through the ring. Focus on dodging enemy attacks and performing tricks – both of which will replenish your ammo. You can shoot enemies to drain their health. And confuse them, but don’t be tempted to stop.”

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Here is the first trailer for the new project by Roll7. Rollerdrome will be released on August 16, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 devices. More details about the bloody action can be found at Official PlayStation Blog.

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