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The European Union is rethinking its relationship with China.

The EU’s relationship with China is problematic. The EU and China are partners in climate action, rivals in economics, and rivals in global politics. The EU’s approach to China is under review. What it should look like in the future was discussed when European foreign ministers gathered at Stinge Castle, north of Stockholm.

In a discussion document from the EU Foreign Service, China’s ambition is stated to be to build a new world order, with China at the center. He asserts that Chinese nationalism is on the rise, as is the country’s military might.

While some EU countries want to see rapid changes in their approach to China, others want to proceed more calmly.

What are the main barriers between countries?

The complex relationship between the EU and China is of course dealt with in different ways. It’s different for Germany, which has significant exports to China, than for a country that has nothing to do with it, says Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign affairs coordinator.

He underestimates the contradictions in the union. Burrell compares it to country music that is perfectly harmonious musically, but with occasional subtle differences in word choice.

Borrell wants EU countries to become less dependent on China when it comes to, for example, solar panels and important raw materials. He also wants to see other trading styles. Today there is a glitch. China exports much more to Europe than Europe exports to China.

– But we are not heading towards protectionism, Borrell says.

Other important topics At the meeting were Ukraine and additional sanctions against Russia.

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РPressure on Russia must be increased, says Tobias Bellström (man).

The meeting of foreign ministers continues on Saturday. There will also be Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, as well as ministers from Asia, but not from China.

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10 of the 16 agreements with China involved stopped in Europe