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The fans spoke. They want a private Polish jump coach!

The results of our survey below the text of potential candidates for the position of head coach of the Polish team player are unambiguous. One coach earned up to 57 percent. voices.

Daoud Jura

Mika Kojonkowski

Getty Images/Christoph Kopsel/Bongarts/Pictured: Mika Kojonkowski

More than 8.7 thousand people voted in the poll. times. Our users had a choice: Michel Dolyal, Mika Kojonkowski, Maciej Maciuciak, Ronnie Hornsho, Werner Schuster and Alexander Poyntner would stay. We also provided the option to select an “other” option.

The current season is the worst in several years. We’ve only won one medal at the Olympics, and it’s still a huge sensation. The bronze disc was won by Daoud Kobaki, who was not among the candidates. The Poles no longer had a chance to be ahead in the World Cup overall standings.

Michał Doleżal’s position can be defended by the end of the season, as the World Flying Championships are planned. It is hard to imagine, however, that there will be a sharp increase in the form of Poles. And in this case, the Czechs as a coach are in great danger.

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There are 5 percent of supportive voters remaining in Doleżal. The same part was for Werner Schuster, the former German coach. Ronnie Hornsho, the German coach of the Swiss, who was recently introduced to the Polish team, scored even less, because 2 per cent.

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Alexander Pointner is getting more support among our users. 11% voted for the Austrian, famous for his hard-line rule. People.

The second pole came. Maciej Masiuciak, currently Dolyal’s assistant, had up to 17 percent. voices.

However, none of the results can match the support Mika Kojonkowski has received. As many as 57 percent of coaches voted for Fenn, who was called the professor. users.

3 percent of voters answered that in the position of coach of the Polish players’ team they would prefer someone else.

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