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The government is submitting a bill on Sweden’s membership in NATO to the Swedish Parliament

Today the government introduced a bill with proposals for the Swedish Parliament’s approval of Sweden’s accession to NATO. The bill is an important step on the road to Sweden’s NATO membership. After approval by the Swedish Parliament, Sweden can become a full member of NATO once all NATO countries have ratified Sweden’s accession protocol.

– Membership in NATO is the best way to protect Sweden’s security and to contribute to solidarity for the strengthening of the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic region, says Foreign Minister Tobias Billström.

As a member of NATO, Sweden is expected to join an agreement regulating NATO’s immunity and privileges. In the bill, it is proposed that the Swedish Parliament approve the agreement and that the agreement be incorporated into Swedish law. The bill also proposes that the government be empowered to make decisions about receiving military support from NATO. This aims to create better conditions for the ability to defend Sweden.

Once approved by the Swedish Parliament, the government can decide on Sweden’s accession. Sweden becomes a member of NATO when our instrument of accession is deposited in accordance with the provisions of the North Atlantic Treaty; This can happen when all NATO countries ratify our accession protocol.

– The government’s submission of a draft law on Sweden’s membership in NATO is a historic event and an important step on the way to Sweden’s accession to NATO. This means that we will be ready to join NATO with Finland as soon as all NATO countries have ratified our applications, says Foreign Minister Tobias Billström.

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Proposed amendments to the law come into force on a date set by the government.