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The government wants to send armed forces to Sudan

The government wants to send armed forces to Sudan

On Saturday evening, a press conference was held on the evacuation of Sudan.

It is the government that wants Sweden to be able to send an armed force to Sudan. The reason is to be able to evacuate the Swedish embassy, ​​including Swedish employees and their relatives, writes Aftonbladet.

– Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M), said during the press conference that the approval of the Riksdag is required to send an order related to the armed forces to another country.

Therefore, the Speaker has called a meeting of the Chamber tomorrow, Sunday, at 10.00.

In a statement sent on Saturday morning, Sudan’s military said diplomats and citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, France and China would begin evacuating them in the “coming hours”. writes bbc.

After the statement, it was said that the evacuation will take place with the help of military transport planes from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

The arrival of the first evacuation ship from Sudan

A power struggle within Sudan’s military regime turned violent on Saturday, April 15th. The first evacuation from the country could take place only after a week.

After several attempts, the first transfer of people managed to reach Saudi Arabia and the port city of Jeddah.

Today, Saturday, the official Saudi television announced that “the first evacuation ship from Sudan has arrived, carrying 50 Saudi citizens and a number of residents from friendly countries.”

In Sudan, the staff of the Swedish Embassy are with families and other Swedes.

However, it is not clear when the evacuation itself could take place. First, the Swedish parliament must decide on the commission’s initiative, and then the government is free to decide which efforts should be coordinated with other countries.

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