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The insincere minister apologizes to the people, not to the wife

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been married for 15 years and has three children with his wife, Martha. Now Matt Hancock has been photographed passionately kissing his assistant Gina Coladangelo in the office. The photos posted by The Sun must have been taken on June 6.

The Sun’s front page.

Hancock has now apologized – without mentioning his wife.

I agree that I have violated social distancing guidelines in this case. I’ve let people down and I’m so sorry for that. I remain focused on getting our country out of this pandemic and would appreciate if my family’s privacy on this personal matter was respected, says Matt Hancock.

Boris Johnson.

picture: Marie Turner / TTTT News Agency

Boris Johnson on Matt Hancock: ‘Absolutely no hope for him’

Many senior politicians are now calling for Hancock’s resignation.

– Matt Hancock is a shoddy health minister who should have been fired long ago for his failures, says Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey

Queen Elizabeth called Hancock a “poor man” when she met Boris Johnson earlier this week.

Boris Johnson should fire him, says Labor politician Annelise Dodds.

However, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said the prime minister accepted Hancock’s apology, that he continued to have full confidence in him as a minister and that he considered the matter to be settled.

But Johnson previously described Hancock as “completely hopeless” in his WhatsApp chats last spring, according to the independent.

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