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Premier Izraela Naftali Bennett skrytykował w sobotę w specjalnym oświadczeniu ustawę podpisaną przez prezydenta Andrzeja Dudę, nazywając ją "haniebną decyzją" i "haniebną pogardą dla pamięci o Holokauście". Chodzi o nowelizację Kodeksu postępowania administracyjnego. Przewiduje ona, że po upływie 30 lat od wydania decyzji administracyjnej niemożliwe będzie wszczęcie postępowania w celu jej zakwestionowania, np. w sprawie odebranego przed laty mienia.

The Israeli Prime Minister criticized the KPA amendment signed by President Duda: this is a shameful decision

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett in a special statement on Saturday criticized the law signed by President Andrzej Duda as “shameful decision” and “shameful insult to the memory of the Holocaust”. This is a revision of the Administrative Procedure Code. This provides that, 30 years after the executive decision was made, it is not possible to begin action to challenge it.

Bennett wrote, “Israel is very serious about recognizing that law Prevents Jews from receiving compensation for property stolen from them during the Holocaust I regret that Poland decided to continue to harm those who lost everything. “

This is a serious step that Israel cannot ignore.


The Polish Foreign Ministry, responding to previous criticisms from the Israeli side, explained that the amendment was “based on the need to ensure the confidence of citizens in the state and the implementation of a law-abiding policy.” “The possibilities for challenging the decisions of public authorities cannot be unlimited in a timely manner,” the ministry added.

Diplomacy is the art of partner dialogue based on facts. We will act firmly to emotional, unreasonable gestures. By being true to the truth, we will react to lies without allowing Holocaust victims ’memories to be manipulated.

Foreign Minister Simon Tsinkovsky on Twitter linked the position of the Foreign Ministry in this matter.

This is in response to the announcement of Israeli actions in connection with the signing of the Presidential Code of Conduct by President Andrzej Duda. Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Labid tweeted, “Poland today approved – not the first time – an immoral, anti-Semitic law.”

This evening, I gave orders to those in charge of our embassy in Warsaw He immediately returned to Israel for consultation indefinitely Lapid information. He added, “The new Israeli ambassador to Poland was going to Warsaw and is currently in Israel.” According to Reuters, The Minister recommended that the Polish Ambassador to Israel extend his leave and not return to his home country.

In a comment to the PAP, President Andrzej Duda noted that “the law does not close the way for compensation to former owners who can still use civil proceedings.” He noted that his association with the Holocaust had provoked his “firm objection.”

I unequivocally reject this rhetoric, not only as the President of the Republic of Poland, but also for personal reasons and as a person who has never been indifferent to the issues of the massacre. Combining this act with the Holocaust raises my strong opposition. The guardian of the memory of the victims of German crimes against Polish Jews, it does not allow the Holocaust to be instrumentalized for current political purposes. We continue to remind you that every second victim of the Holocaust is a Polish citizen, and our government has done much to combat immigration. – The President underlined.

The revision of the Administrative Procedure Code was adopted in June. The law amends the rules to recognize an administrative decision as invalid due to a “serious violation of the law” – no matter how long ago it was issued. The provisions of the amendment make it impossible to initiate action to challenge it 30 years after the administrative decision has been issued, e.g. In the case of property seized years ago.

The amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure stems from the need to amend the law to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal that existed six years ago. In May 2015, the tribunal’s provision of the Code in its current terms – making it possible to declare a decision rendered in gross violation of the law, even decades after this decision – was unconstitutional. For example, the amendment states that such a decision is invalid if 10 years have elapsed since the date it was issued or issued, and the decision has irreversible legal consequences due to a serious breach of the law. . However, in such a situation, it can be concluded that this decision was made in violation of the law. On the other hand, if 30 years have elapsed from the date of issuance or publication of the decision, no action shall be taken to annul the decision.

In accordance with the amendment, the provisions in the new terms will apply to administrative matters not completed before the date the amendment comes into force. On the other hand, activities initiated after 30 years from the date of issue or the announcement of the decision and not completed before the date of enactment of the Act shall be terminated by the Act.

The US Secretary of State has called on President Andrzej Duda to veto the KPA amendment. “We are very concerned that the Polish parliament today passed a law that severely restricts the application for the recovery of property that was unjustly confiscated during the communist period in Poland,” Blinken said. He noted that Poland needed a comprehensive law to ensure justice for the victims.

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