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The Last of Us 2 ulepszone na PS5

The Last of Us 2 ulepszone na PS5

  • The Last of Us 2 on the PS5 received a 60fps game mode
  • The creators confirm that they are just getting started with the new Sony console

Naughty Dog Studio Published Update adds 60fps option to gameplay to The Last of Us 2 on PS5.

After installing the 1.08 correction, a function will appear in the picture settings of the game running on PlayStation 5 that allows the user to specify the preferred image smoothness.

The creators admit that the aforementioned option was one of the most anticipated players. They also promise this isn’t the end – they confirm that the update is “the first step in the development of the PS5,” but they haven’t provided any additional details.

The new mode has been tested by our colleagues from the Digital Foundry editorial office. From the analysis FollowThat the game maintains a steady rate of 60 frames per second almost all the time – even in heavy-duty sequences where the PS4 Pro drops.

The exception is one sequence where the liquidity drops to 57 fps. However, journalists don’t know the reason, as the aforementioned scene should theoretically not be a requirement for the console.

According to experts from Digital Foundry, download times have also been shortened – in some cases up to twice. It was also noted that the new graphics mode greatly improves the overall gaming experience.

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