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The LHR limiter on NVIDIA Ampere cards is disabled.  There are no more restrictions on Ethereum mining

The LHR limiter on NVIDIA Ampere cards is disabled. There are no more restrictions on Ethereum mining

NVIDIA introduced crypto-mining performance limitations on some of its Ampere graphics cards, which were distracting miners from gaming architectures. Unfortunately, the limiter is completely broken.

NiceHash announced that it was the first in the world to completely bypass NVIDIA’s own mining limiter, found in Ampere LHR graphics cards. Bypassing the security restores full mining performance for most RTX 3000 graphics cards. Limiter LHR was introduced over a year ago to limit the purchase of gaming versions of graphics cards by crypto miners, directing them toward dedicated cards — including those with no video outputs.

Crypto miners have tried to bypass the limit with varying degrees of success and so far have failed to unlock the full potential of NVIDIA cards. Previous reports of LHR bypass algorithms were a scam and the distributed files contained malicious code. The makers of NiceHash, a mining software company, have announced that they have completely bypassed the NVIDIA limiter and unlocked full LHR card mining performance. Several independent sources have tested the algorithms and confirmed that they actually outperform LHR’s work.

The unlocked RTX 3080 Ti can now easily reach over 110MHz/s, compared to a maximum of around 80MHz/s before. This method currently only works on Windows computers and only supports the DaggerHashimoto (Ethash) algorithm. It also does not work on the 12GB GeForce RTX 3050 and GeForce RTX 3080 cards, as they are said to have a new LHR algorithm. However, players can sleep peacefully for a while. The drop in cryptocurrency prices will not cause miners to rush into unlocked cards. At least not now…

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